Happy Birthday M!

Today is M’s birthday! Doesn’t she look amazing? Like a rock star! We went out and celebrated on Saturday, had a lovely afternoon and finished up at the Waterford Bar. Just too much fun. I developed a horriffic rash, methinks due to imbibing in the grey goose. my body isn’t classy enough for the good stuff, I immediatly switched over to Coors Light. But it could have possible been the rum drink earlier? hmmmmm. The night was great, we even danced a bit. Stumbled home and slept and slept. Great day.
Happy Birthday dear friend!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday M!

  1. Wearing my favorite shirt, too. You look great and as though you’re having a kick ass time. You know, aside from that scary looking rash. I assume that went away pretty soon?


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