Ten Things Tuesday: Unfinished

Have been wanting to join the club for awhile now, but most of the time Tuesday is two days ago when I think about it. Am riffing off of Kizz and offering up my list. Ten things that have gone unfinished in my life…and would love to say that they are in fact now in the process of being finished, but that’s another blog.

1)Decorating my house. We’ve been here going on 4 years this August. Still no curtains. ANYWHERE. The same crappy curtains that were hanging in the bathroom, are still hanging in the bathroom. These are the ones that I immediately pointed to and said, “those are going away” when we walked thru the place.

2)Taking the kittens to the vet for the rest of their shots. They don’t ever go outside, and at 4months (roughly) it’s almost time for some spay/neutering and frankly, with 4 cats I can’t afford it. THIS ONE however, is getting done this Monday. I’m a bad mommy and I know you’re all out there muttering under your breath, “if you can’t take care of them, don’t have them” bite me.

3) Weeding the garden. Some people close up their backyard/flowerbeds for the winter. I just close the patio door and don’t go back until it’s warm. I want beautiful flowerbeds and a garden that is glorious…but damn those weeds.

4) Getting the mail out. I have several packages that need to go out to people. They are sitting on my piano bench now. . . awaiting some nice ribbon and sharpie addresses.

5)The fabulous sex dream that was starring myself and Milo and a boy from our bar….damn cats for interrupting.

6)The computer room, and the organization of all of it. ugh.

7)My taxes. I have most of the info gathered and in a nice bright red folder…but have I taken it to anyone? NO! Can I do it myself? I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve made enough money to actually FILE, in..oh..about 4 or more years.

8) My Santa Monica blogs…still haven’t gotten pics to post for that.

9)The recipe project that I started almost 10 years ago when my MeMe died. I have ALL of her recipes. Hand written, cut from magazines, newspapers, all by the ton. The books I went thru and shelved what were good. The pieces of paper however…so daunting. She saved everything. Every label from the back of the eagle brand milk with a recipe on it, every corner of the newspaper where she jotted down something from the TV…the woman was nuts for the recipes!

10) There are unfinished relationships in my life, unfinished conversations that are hanging in the balance, unfinished emotions that have been kept bottled up. And for the most part,that’s ok. I’ll get thru it all eventually….for today though, I finished this list.

2 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday: Unfinished

  1. I would only worry about the spay/neuter thing because you can’t have MORE cats. So not good. God, we really do spend our lives in a desperate quest to finish shit and it’s just not likely to ever be completely FINISHED.


  2. Its more likely than ever that I am not the best person to lay down advice…and its also likely that I have said the same thing to you before. Christ. Yes, that’s the one. Look sister, it is what it is. It will when it does. And if you don’t feel like getting off the couch and out from under the cookie crumbs so be it…. YOU”VE EARNED IT. How bout finding something other than guilt and shame to motive us? How about something fabulous….like the virginia Slims Ad in the 70’s…BECAUSE I’M WORTH IT. I was just telling Isabelle this morning that life is not one big princess in a tower experience. Life is hard. Life is monotonous.Life is standing in lines and doing things everyday… you do not want to do.So take the times life offers you BLISS….stand in line in front of the booth as if it were a “on a stick” line at the State Fair. Please go back… and put at the top of your life…I will stop using guilt to motivate myself. You are my fabulous woman and always will be.


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