Three In One

We talked last night about doing the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Santa Fe all in the same trip. THAT would not suck. Still not going out on that damned GC Skywalk but that’s cool. I’ll keep you posted!!

Nothing much else going on. Working this week, giving a bridal shower on Saturday night and am afraid NO ONE is coming. Ugh. Then doing the RedBud on Sunday and then on Monday, taking the chirren’s to get their nip/tuck surgeries. In honor of that, every chance we get we look at Little Black Sambo’s balls and bid adieu. They cut them completely off…did you know that? I didn’t. Phil asked if I wanted to keep them in a jar…I declined.

What are you doing this week? Any plans?

2 thoughts on “Three In One

  1. I would recommend the Forest Houses in Sedona… will send you the link. This is good vacation for chilling. Just smooth ass finding good food and good drink and chilling. My money is that you will get to Sedona… a long beautiful winding road drive and stay…. no Santa Fe. May be the Grand Canyon after a night of tini’s at the bar… drive all night and such.


  2. certainly send me the link!! I think the plan was, drive to the gc, then hit the others on the way back. so maybe not santa fe, maybe sedona last, who knows. it’s all talk at this point. I just know you loved it! Halakaleem!!


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