Fall Fest

Here’s a few pics from the party. Wonderboy had a large large time, running around and playing with all the other kids. It shut down around 11pm and we got everything closed up and in the house. He was on the pullout couch saying in a very whiney and tired voice” I’m not every gong back to sleep not now not ever not zzzzzzzzzzzzz”fell asleep mid sentence. pretty funny. We all shuffled off to sleep, Sis included (she saved all the vomiting until the next day!) anyway we had over a hundred participants and a good time was had by all. I’ve eaten all weekend long!!! Not looking forward to Wednesday.

Finally got all the stuff out of the house with ExHim. got everything but my pictures off of the computer and he said he’d work on that. I believe him. The morning glories are bursting in the front yard, and the tomato plants are loaded with bright red fruit in the back. It, the whole thing, made me sad. just sad.

On a bright side, I bought myself a new toy this weekend. Alas, faithful readers, not that kind of toy. I got a dvd recorder/vhs combo. Verra nice. My bro in law carried the tv in the house for me and took me shopping with his handy dandy discount. Nice.
so. . . the room is coming together. Feeling like home. . . except for the bed. I’m calling upon you. You who own grownup things like beds and furniture and have bought them rather than inherited them as hand me downs.

I’m on the hunt. I need a bed. I want a queen size. A good bed. I’ve heard Sam’s Club has good prices. Anywhere else? Where should I go? What is a “good price” for both box spring and mattress? That’s my next purchase, I’ll be really happy to get that by my birthday next month.

Ok. Time to go vote for Dancing with the Stars. Jenny Garth rocked it tonight. Go Girl!

Happy tomorrow, and let’s not forget how much I love George Clooney.

4 thoughts on “Fall Fest

  1. That long gourd is positively scandalous!Yippee on the recorder!!!Do you guys have 1-800-mattres (leave off the last s for savings) where you are? That’s where I got my mattress and box spring. I got a Queen Size (I think, might be full) for $600-700). It’s a goodie, though, so I expect it to last a nice long time.


  2. no i don’t think so, but i can call and try to find out if there here under some other name. . . we have several “outlet” things that I’ve yet to research! you think that gourd looks naughty, you should see the okra we’ve got growing!!! hee hee hee.


  3. We will go on the hunt. There are some great places, hidden things. You will so enjoy shopping for furniture. Ratris Brothers Look out. Nonna’s got the kid this weekend… I don’t know what you have planned but let me know and we will get out and explore.


  4. how about when I get off work saturday eve? maybe explore a bit. What are we doing for your birthday and when, my darling? if saturday is the night, we’ll shop later.


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