A Hunting Will Go

Well the house hunting has begun. I’ve been prequalified by my mortgage guy. He’s bringing the papers to the salon tomorrow. I need to get my paperwork organized, locate previous W2’s and tax documents, but that won’t be needed until later. It’s exciting! Martha and i drove around and looked at houses on Sunday afternoon, writing down addresses, picking up fliers and such. I need to get an agent, and everyone and their dog has “the best one” so I’m probably just going to randomly pick one.

Had a grand time this weekend. It was Scotty Ringo’s birthday and he had himself one helluva party. Went to Bin for dinner and drinks then the group went to classics. B and ScottyRingo were the epicenter of the social circle, so many people came out to wish him well for another year! It was grand. Just grand. Gert decided since their kids initials are PB&J, then they are the Wondercouple. Wonder bread goes beautifully with pb&j! HA! Lot’s of laughter, lots of fun. Mgirl took pics and will try to post a few this week.

I stayed in the city at Martha’s Saturday night. Well, took Dish home and crashed at his place awhile then moved to Martha’s. I’m a gypsy. Went back to Classics to watch the Packers game. FLOP. I was sad, I really wanted them to go. I don’t mind Eli seeing a Superbowl, but I just don’t think it’s going to be any kind of a match up. Anyways, Mgirl was giddy as she’s going to be the second Mrs. Manning and this is going to be her brother in law playing for the big trophy. And she won a bloody mary out of the game! Ha!

That’s pretty much it for me. Just finished some laundry, and having dinner. acorn squash and candied apples and a salad. SO GOOD! The ass is supposed to fall out of our weather here tonight so I’m off to gather cats and find warm clothing for the week. Huzzuah and Happy Monday!!

6 thoughts on “A Hunting Will Go

  1. Do you have to find/pay a RE agent? Since you know where you want to buy is there any chance you could just drive around looking for houses for sale and call the numbers on the signs?


  2. well, i dont know anything about buying a house, so i need the knowledge of an agent. I dont think I actually pay, perse. it’s been explained to me but not retained in my brain matter.


  3. When did we decide to grow up and buy houses? LOL! That is awesome honey. So excited for you. But seriously, do we have to grow up???


  4. Baby, I’m pretty sure that neither are related!!! I’ll still be eating frosted flakes and watching my boyfriend Dylan McKay, only in my own place. Kinda cool!!!


  5. It is my understanding…and I used to work for an escrow company in Oklahoma, so I kind of know some of this, the realtors get paid a percentage of the sale and you can usually tack that onto your home loan (along with all the escrow filing fees) so that you aren’t out thousands of dollars before you even pack.


  6. That must feel nice. The big link in the chain falling into place. So glad for you. Green with envy jealous! I can’t wait to be alone again in my own casa! Even if it takes 20 years… Also check into houses that might be falling into repo by the bank in that area. Chi has the website or will know where to look.


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