Manifest, Ya’ll!!!

Well Valentines day was just another Thursday. Slow moving at work. Did meet an interesting fella. We’ll discuss him later. I made all of 50 bucks today. Flop. and flop. Tomorrow is the last day of the pay period and I’m THIS close to commission and fuck around if I don’t have one single appointment tomorrow. SO. . . Manifest Ya’ll!!

Went to weigh in today. up point two. then I peed for about ten minutes(drinking a lot of iced tea from Sonic since I gave up pop for Lent last week.) and wanted to re-weigh but it was too late. Oh well. Next week. Haven’t been to the gym in a week so that will help get the ball (or ass) rolling for next week. Halakaleem!

Took some stuff to my mortgage broker. Things are moving along on that front. Trying not to think too much about anything until the inspection comes and goes. monday. 2pm.

We have a new reader here. Got a comment from a long lost friend. Actually the brother of a long lost friend. My best friend really,from about first grade thru fifth,I think was when she moved to Texas. Anyways, I suppose he just stumbled upon the blog whilst cruising the net. It’s such a small world. So, KevinsDad, welcome. Get your sisters over here too. It’s Free Admission and unlimited stay here at the Circus! Glad to have you.

Has anyone watched Lipstick Jungle? I like it. I like the sex that blonde is having with that sculpted specimen of delicious. It’s a muscle buffet. All. You. Can. Eat.

My horoscope in this months edition of Marie Claire said I was supposed to have hot sex tonight. So far the only thing hot was the plate of nachos I had for dinner. again, AGAIN, I say…


So, Chrome’s show opened last week. here’s some belated breaking of legs for her. I want details my darling, on how it’s been and how it’s going!

Kizz opens her show tomorrow night. Many legs breaking for you too dear.

Here’s to a Happy Valentine’s day/night and to a Happy Friday. Halakaleem. I’m hitting the sack with thoughts of George floating around in my head. Slurp.

5 thoughts on “Manifest, Ya’ll!!!

  1. I say who? I don’t remember her, the bff from grade school. I can’t remember shit anyway. Wish I could come and make up some client $ for you. sit my big ass in the chair and let you bang away… that sounds so nice. Freezing, teeth chattering, bone cold… bone cold. And no one to bone. Shucks.


  2. Lipstick Jungle? Hot sex? George Clooney? Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of reading and not much commenting here. I am a fan of Sportscenter and Jenna Fischer though.


  3. Hey Kevinsdad, no worries. we love the sportscenter as well. we’ll soon discuss the rediculousness that was that fucking hearing about clemmons and macwhatever and the potted plant that sat between them. bleagh. stoopid. and lipstick jungle. fuckin hot. that blonde muscle boy? we should ALL TAKE NOTES!gert, no worries. there is always another commission,but you can always have that pampered parlor feeling when you need it. a mere phone call away! and kizz…YES. HA. and again I say YES!!


  4. and Gert? she predates even you. the one true witness to my entire life. Sandy was you before you. grade school. lincoln stinkin whatcha been drinkin, while you were whippin that hair around the hillcrest playground!


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