Sunshine and mental health days are my favorite! I can’t believe I still have all of today AND tomorrow!!! It’s been a fun packed weekend thus far. I hope yours has been great, not stressfull, just easy like…heh…Sunday Morning.

I’m sitting here with my first cuppa joe, I’ve already been to the grocery store and made my black eye pea salsa and boiling the eggs to become my Deviled Egg of the Day for tonight’s party at PSister2’s house. I really need better names for my PseudoSisters. Anyways, so now I’m having a break and then tackling yardwork.

Yesterday I went to Lowes and gave them 120.00 GAH! I needed a new hose (dont we all.) a new sprinkler, some gardening gloves, potting soil, plants, weed and feed for the yard, a thing to spread said weed and feed, oil for my tiki torches, mulch…bleah. I think I got a lot for that amount but sheesh. Today I’m tackling the yards. Mow first, then water, then weed and feed. then going to work a flower bed or two. I really need Bonusmom to come over and have a lookie loo at what I should plant where in my front yard…so not really going to delve into that one too much. Mostly pots and hanging pretty.

What’s been going on in your life? Are you having a great weekend? I hope so. It’s the kickoff to summer. This one will be fabulous! We’re talking about a river trip…Floating the river is one of my favorite things in the history of ever! I look back to last year, first summer in my house, and while I was really really social, there were some brown spots that popped up with friends that made things…strange. This year, those people are not in my life, I choose not to participate in their drama, and this summer will be better than the last! Halakaleem!!!

Time for a warm up. and some motivation to go outside and act like a homeowner…

3 thoughts on “Ahhhhhhhh

  1. I’m recovering from having so much fun with Roger and Chrome and all the folks, in conjunction with missing you. Happy and tired. Wanting to do a bunch of things around the house and for my own self. There will be no deviled eggs, though, and that’s a tragedy.


  2. it really made me homesick this week. just knowing you all were together. getting tougher to think this year I won’t come out. bleargh.


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