851 the Flea post

so…i fogged my house today. I put the flea and tick poison on the cats. you know, the drops that last a month and go at the base of their skull even though they are Houdini and can rotate their skulls around and lick said poison and then begin to froth at the mouth and then just lay around as if they ingested a mountain of the pot…those drops.

All of my cats are stoned. and I have to say, a little ill. I know it works this way for a day or so…but I’m really sad that they feel bad. and they hate me. but I want no more fleas in the house. I’m scratching the devil out of my skin whilst typing this…

so I hope they perk up tomorrow. and thus far, I’ve seen nothing alive. I aired out the house. I Dyson’d the carpets. I feel confident that if there’s anything alive it’s just on them and probably not living long time…gross. right? gross.

The gazebo took another hit today. Seriously. I have got to spend some time next weekend putting it back together. I was thinking some clamps of some sort but LT suggested those things that you put on a table to hold the table cloths on out of doors. Restaraunt supply maybe? and frankly, it just needs to be taken down and raised again. Lordy. But we all love it so much I know it’ll be worth it!

I’m off to do some journaling and hit the sack. Stayed up too late last night and need to get up and deposit todays tips in the bank tomorrow. Happy night night.

2 thoughts on “851 the Flea post

  1. They're hard, hard, hard to get rid of. Every time I've had to call Greg. Rog, the vet, told me the stuff protects against fleas 3 months but should be applied every month regardless for tick protection. I push it a little. Shit's expensive! xo


  2. I should have mentioned this yesterday. If the bombs don't work, try salt. By just regular table salt (I bought a Sam's sized bag of it when we had the flea infest of 2000). Sprinkle it all over the carpet like that carpet deodorizer stuff. Walk around on it for a day and then vacuum it up. EMPTY VACUUM AFTER! This works miraculously.


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