Ghosts In The Darkness

I feel compelled, like so many, to make some sort of comment on yesterdays death toll. Hell, this week’s death toll. Ed McMahon, Farrah and then Michael Jackson.

am I stone cold and horrible….???…because I never even registered shock at the news of any of them. I mean, Ed had been old and ill for a decade. Farrah had been suffering severely for a long time too, bless her beautiful blonde heart. MJ was a bit of a shock, just like…holy hell, really? But as for being sad?

not so much.
He lost me, lost all of me with his pedophile tendencies. I won’t even listen to any post pedophile work. Just give me the pre-trial stuff and I’m fine. I did love his music, I DO and always will LOVE LOVE LOVE Thriller! It’s the soundtrack to my youth for crying out loud…but as for missing the man?

ehhh. And to everyone that says, “But he was acquitted! He settled out of court and was acquitted!”

“so was O.J.”

I did hear that he changed his will to give back the Beatles anthology to Paul upon MJ’s death, which at the time was considered snarky since Paul was several years older…but see how the world works?

So…I’m not mourning with the rest of the world. I’m sad for those that are sad. I’m sad for those kids…but not really. Maybe they’ll be raised without surgery masks now.

And Farrah…she was MY Charlie’s Angel. I was always the blonde one, but she was my fav. I wanted that poster, and never understood why my aunt wouldn’t buy it for me. (guess she was afraid i Loooooooooooved that poster) I just wanted her hair. I wanted those feathers. I wanted her teeth. I used Breck. All of it. I loved her first husband, Lee Majors, because my mother did. I had a Six Million Dollar Man doll. Seriously. You could roll up the skin on his arm and remove his bionics. But she’s been suffering for soooo soooo long. I’m sad she’s gone, but wouldn’t wish another day of that on her.

Ryan O’Neal however??? Should have married her when he had the chance. Cuz he’s not getting a second one.

Life is short. It is. And we can use yesterday as a constant reminder to say, I love you. You matter to me. Oh! I have a girlfriend. (still a little pissed about that) We can support and love endlessly, we can laugh louder, and dance longer and eat better and touch softer and kiss longer and live. just live…harder.

SO, on this Friday for the Normals…I wish you all of that. Loud. Long. Hard.

2 thoughts on “Ghosts In The Darkness

  1. I thought I felt the same way about Micheal. Shocked, but not all that sad. But I was surprised to feel tears spring to my eyes this morning as I watched Merideth interview the family spokesman. Also…ABC has been stuck in the brain all day. He really was a brilliant musician. Too bad he had a hard time being a brilliant human being.


  2. yeah, we watched the marathon of his videos on BET yesterday at work, like three times. and to think that all of that is gone…very sad. great loss. however. I stand by it. once we got into the later years…all i could see was the nutjob in his pj's walking into court for doing something out of line with children. bleargh. It is sad. but I've got the music and that's his legacy.


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