In The Thick Of It

The office looks like Kodak blew up in here. I’ve been scanning pictures like a frenzied meth addict in order to upload them to our reunion website…well, turns out I can download and install the proper software, I can scan, I can actually follow the directions to upload galleries onto the site…but I cannot figure out how to adjust the photos themselves. They are wonky sideways. The scan pallet is showing around the photo. they load the size of a thumbnail and I cannot figure it out.


I feel like I’ve lost momentum this week. I was doing so good with my mantra and my focus and my energy…that thing with the guy a few weeks ago kind of took me out at the knees, whether I want to admit it or not…the impending standup is still charging my battery but I am listening to my Doubt voice more and more…I was talking to Elephantsoap yesterday and it seems as if we’re all in the middle of this weird existential mid life crisis…not so much doom and gloom and I need to buy a Corvette, but just a longing for more, a need for something…tangible or not. Searching and seeking and getting it, finally…

making sense?
striking a chord?
not even close?

ehhhh. ok.
I’m right in the thick of it.

I have a pretty solid book today thru Friday. Tomorrow is the Hooker Perm. Today is payday! I didn’t make comission but once again feel like I can pay my bills. Cutting that cable off helped. My bill went from 124.00 last month to 48 something this month. Now…I think it’ll go back up because of the prorate and mid month cutoff stuff but still. That’s awesome. I did finally call Sprint and cut my bill down a bit. M’Lynn and I are on a family plan and that limits us to certain things, however if we both went to individual plans? We’d be paying the same stuff combined. Anyways, my phone is on it’s last leg and I have four weeks till my upgrade goes into effect.

The Wanting side of my brain says Palm-Pre. The I Can Afford This Without Having to Start Hooking side of my brain says whatever Blackberry is on sale…we’ll see. If the lil pink phone can just hold out four more weeks…Remember when cell phones were free?

I’m still still STILL spending too much money socializing. Twenty here. Twenty there. I have GOT to get a grip on it kids…and am mulling over the offer of working at the War Bar with Gert. She and I have facetime tonight and we’ll talk about it…Still think it’d be better to find a job around here locally…not have that drive…we’ll see.

Happy Humping Day! Huzzuah and Halakaleem and I love you!…and on a side note:

Today would have been Princess Diana’s 48th birthday.
I loved her, with all of my heart…

5 thoughts on “In The Thick Of It

  1. You can fix the photos in iPhoto (you're on Mac, right?). Drag into iPhoto, open the photo in question and along the bottom is a thing for cropping and a thing for rotating. Then you hit Done to save, you drag the photo where you want it and upload it without all the wonkiness.


  2. Do you have photoshop on the PC? It's not as easy as iPhoto, but all that can be fixed in photoshop.I'm feeling a lull in energy. I think I'm just tired. Hoping that the weekend with Chris will re-charge the battery. Don't forget to call Chris about tonight. Love you!


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