Facebook Status

If I had one, it would read “in a relationship.”

I’m torn as to how much I want to write about this here. I think a little is ok, but won’t be doing the detail thing at the Circus. Sacred is sacred. (yeah, even though I typed it my dyslexic self reads that scared is scared…that too)

So…I reconnected with a high school boy last weekend. In a big big FLYING CIRCUS BIG way. We are “in a relationship” We are spinning without remorse into the crazy that this is. It seems as if it’s always been. It’s familiar and safe and secure and in the very same sense we are both having moments of HOLY SHIT. IT’S BEEN FIVE DAYS.

well. 25 years and five days.

I’ve known him for that long…probably 24 years at least. 24 years and five days.

it’s so great…I am happy inside and out.

He’s a good man, this one. He likes to bake. He is kind. He is employed. He owns a home in Batshitcrazytown. He is funny. He is ginormous tall. He hasn’t ever been married. He has no children. . . he’s damned near perfect but for the fact that he’s a gun loving republican.

(insert vomit sounds here)

I know. I KNOW!!! what the eff, Zelda???
Kids, if I had a clue, I would tell ya!!!

But know this…I am happy. I’ve moved from 80% happy 20% trepidatious to 97% happy 3% scared because it’s not scary.

So…I had gazebo time with LT and Ky last night. Yesterday, my crazy was hanging out all over the place and I worked myself up into a panic attack. I’m fine, it’s all ok. I figure with the week I’ve had, I’m due one or two. But some girl time on the porch, covered up in blankets with laughter and drinks is the best therapy in the world. We talked and laughed and talked and laughed and were finished by 10pm and all good…

someone tell me please. tell me why I get a little gin in my system and I think a self waxing experiment is a good idea?


halakaleem and Happy Friday ya’ll. and just in case you were wondering…yes. i still love George Clooney. I just do. We’re sippin coffee watching the Today show…it’s a great day.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Status

  1. Every time I've even remotely thought about home waxing, I've broken out in hives. And that was sober. Hair was just not meant to be ripped from my body. Enjoy!


  2. Hey now…we gun lovin republicans/OSU fans are pretty ok! B-in-law just bought a new one…we'll have to go shootin' when you all come up. It's still shiny…never been shot!! I'd bet our sweet little dem gal can find her way around a pistol!! better go…wonderbaby is tearing heck out of wonderboy's remote control jeep!! hugs. sisser


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