Getting in Gear…

There is rain in the forecast…a little bit today and tomorrow. A lot more at the end of the week. This is disturbing. My roof was scheduled to be replaced at the end of the week. This whole process is wearing me out. I still dont have an estimate on the inside leaking to send to the insurance. Everyone is swamped with work in this area. Swamped. I haven’t seen any progress on it and frankly…wearing me out.

However, as Chris and Cindy and I noticed last night…the backyard is just a few weeks out from looking just like it did last year. Sans gazebo. And we were going to build a pergola. My dad built my sister one a few weeks ago. But the likelyhood of that happening, i.e. me paying for it, are slim. I have other things that require payments. So whatever. I’ve wrapped my head around that and am moving on. what. ever.

As par for the course, I just need one more day…I still have work to do in the yard, planting bits that were gifted to me via Lynn. I have some cannas. Some more begonias, shade bits. But that too is depending on the guttering bla bla bla…I’ll work on putting them in the dirt this week. There is worse homework to have!

My weekend was gloriously full of friends. Hawk and RIngo, Gert and Josie, Chris and Cindy. I saw briefly SP and Amanda on Friday. The PseudoSisters and Co. on Saturday.

Bliss. Simply bliss.

This morning we have an early morning meeting. I need to gulp this coffee down and get into the shower. For once, the Normals are on the same schedule as I and it’s MONDAY…enjoy your short week. Get into the groove today by grabbing a cuppa joe, or beverage of your choice and enjoying a little bit of this: (even those of you that never click on videos!)

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