Letdown…Looking Up

I’ve been looking and planning and working on Chromecoming for so long now that it’s over, I have to admit a little sadness. It was such an amazing night…no matter how many times I type the words there’s no way to tell you just how much laughter, how many stories or how much pure joy was present that night.

I didn’t move yesterday. Not much. And it was quiet. My roomate was gone for the weekend, taking his first load of stuff back to Texas. He’s moving back, as is his girlfriend. Heading back south to live life and be together…which is all good. The house was empty, save me and the cats. It’ll take some getting used to, again, just as it took getting used to someone being here. But I think a little break helped him figure out some stuff, and I’m grateful that I could help.

Today is Election Day. Primary election…I’ll go vote sometime today. My voting place is just about a mile or less up the street from me so it’s pretty easy.

I have no idea what my week of work looks like but here’s hoping it’s big money big money. Lotta tips! lotta tips! I got my August schedule for the bartending gig…I have 3 shifts next month that I’m sorely looking forward to. In looking back this year at all that I’ve earned and to still be broke…it just shows me how lucky I am to have had it. Glasses. Contacts. Plumber. Three times. Exterminator. Wedding shower. Computer payments. Gutter handyman. Backyard leveled and compounded. A/C transformer replaced.

so. I’m feeling really grateful for being able to pay for those thing…

and because I could…I have faith that I can.

Looking upwards…the next half of the year…flying by. Nothing really planned…I just want to enjoy. Gather with friends and family and enjoy it…slow it down, settle in and look forward.

I raise my coffee cup to ya…Here’s to a brilliant week ahead!

3 thoughts on “Letdown…Looking Up

  1. Yesterday I took picture #207 of my 365 day project and thought “Holy Crap! Where’d the days go?!?”. I want to do that same weekend again. No changes, just put it on loop.


  2. Good to see you handing yourself a basket of Atta Girl! You are an amazing woman Misti Kae. I’m saddled in for the whole ride. Open the chute!


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