BBC America

I’ve been on a BBC America kick the last few days. I got caught up in some crazy reality show…wait. I think that was on the gay channel. It’s confusing.

This week has flown by, work has been dismal but I’m making up for it tomorrow and saturday. I’m home tonight, it’s quiet. There’s moisture in the air, smells of snow. I’m caught between wanting to move the few things in the garage and fit my car in, or just deal with it tomorrow and get the car in later this weekend. I think it’s supposed to only be some flurries.

Went out to eat, which I’ve been doing entirely too much of these last 10 weeks, with my friend from work, and now, now I’m home and should be doing laundry and cleaning and i’m sure doing chores, and I just want to curl up on the couch with my new book that I’m devouring and enjoy the Christmas lights and just bless the evening and let it go.

How was your day? Are you enjoying the holiday spirit or are you over it? I’ve finalized my travel plans for Christmas. I’ve decided to take Christmas Eve off of work. Christmas Adam (because Adam came before Eve honk honk) is spent traditionally with my PseudoSisters and Family. So we’re hammering out a plan for that. I’ll sleep in a little and then drive the next day to Arkansas and just be with my family. We’ll do presents and church that night, then Christmas Day the kids will get Santa and they’ll hustle off to Sisser’s in-laws. My dad will arrive and we’ll have the afternoon and evening with them when Sisser returns. Sunday will be just for us. We’ll go shopping and just putz around and rest. I’m sure I’ll just come home Monday morning. Note to self, must check with roommate on her travel plans and make other plans for kitty care if need be.

so anyways. that’s pretty much all I did today. I’ma peace out. There’s an ep of Star Trek: TNG that involved the holodeck and Jen Luc on a vacation and I’m all over it.

5 thoughts on “BBC America

  1. I took a couple of heavy loads today. Nothing that’s really mine to carry, just sort of me-adjacent but I took them hard for some reason. Just battled with the printer and the labels and am about to slap labels on my cards and start writing some of those. Had a great time with the young one at her concert last night and looking forward to caroling tomorrow night. I’ve got some cooking ahead of me and some other stuff but I can do it. It’ll be fine.

    Saving grace? Just secured permission not to have to spend even one full day at the office between Christmas and New Year. Whooooo!


  2. Christmas… I’m working. Amity Dance.
    And the rest is just out there… we’ll go to Joe’s. We’ll do Elmer Christmas Day. I think my family will wait until the 26th… as Chi bird is out of town.
    And I’m gonna… bake. And cook. And bake and cook.
    And wish I was at the HiLo with you dear.


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