It Begins.

We leave for our camping trip/music festival tonight. We tore UP Sams and Walmart last night. Seriously.

I grew up camping with my family. Two whole weeks at a time. Lake Sam Rayburn. Possum Kingdom Lake…I remember my parents always always always having the best campsites, the best breakfasts, the best tents, the best hammocks. I remember cold peanut m&m’s out of the ice chest.

Pretty sure this camp site of ours is gonna kick some serious granola tree huggin booty.

We’ve got each of us, our own sleeping tents with blow up beds. We’ve got our Private Bathroom tent, with portapottie, accessories, and US magazines. We’ve got our 11×11 Shade tent that’s screened. We’ve got two tables, four chairs, lanterns and tiki torches and candles. We’ve got our kitchen stand set up, our stove and our travel charcoal grill. We’ve got our coffee pot. Trisha’s car has a normal plug in, so we’re just doing it that way. Instant gratification. I may be roughing it, but I’m not trying to get up, start a fire and bubble up some dang coffee. I need it pronto. We have a solar shower, and camp soap to get some grit off before we sleep. Hammocks. Two of them. Battery operated fans, camelback packs, tank tops and SPF A Million. We’ve got glow sticks and glow swords and glow axes. We’ve battery operated Chinese lanterns for decor. We’ve got a clothesline that will operate as a privacy wall…

We’ve got food, good breakfasts. We’ve got a cast iron skillet. Biscuits and gravy. Eggs, hash browns, sausage. Batter blaster pancakes. Bacon. We’ve got bratwursts, weenies, brick chili. we’ve got chicken breasts to grill. Chips and dips and hummus and pitas. Clift bars and 5 hour energy drinks. Salty cashews and pistachios. Cookies and donuts and cheap baked goods with white icing. We’ve got Vitamin Zero, Green Tea, and Bottled Water. OJ and some fabulous pomegranite/blueberry juice that will be premixed with the vodka.

Speaking of happy hour…We’ve got four cases of beer, some regular, some fancy. We’ve got two pouches of mojito, two pouches of wine and some premixed vodka/pre mixed margaritas. We can’t take glass containers…so we’re getting creative baby! We also can’t take any alcohol into the music venue, so that means this will all be consumed on site. They sell stuff at the stages, so that’ll be fine. We’re not trying to get shittyboombalitty, just loose enough to not worry about what this daily life is offering.

I just want to relax. Into my bone marrow. And if that means I bop till I drop…or I just get comfy at the campsite and peace out for a bit. . . either one is fine by me.

I have much faith in our packing abilities, and even more faith in our setting up camp at 1 a.m. abilities! Hey…There’s really nothing we can’t do.

I told Trisha and Gabe last night, who knows what this adventure will bring. We may hate it. We may be dirty, crying girls by Saturday night. We may never do it again. . .

Or it may turn out to be the best little getaway of our lives.

And who want’s to pass up a chance at discovering something that great?

Not this girl.

I wish I could blog from there. I’m not taking my computer. And we’ll have car chargers for our phones but I don’t want to drain it too much with use. We’ll see how that shakes out. I’m going to take a notebook and pen, so we may go the old school route.

I’ve got to go to the bank, make deposits, go to work and bang a little hair. Depending on how the day shakes out, I may come home during breaks and just gather last minute items. We’ll load up about 7:30 tonight and head to Ozark, Arkansas. When you’re all getting up for  your 1-3am peepee, think of us. We’ll be setting up our camp!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take a really long hot shower. This clean has to really last the next four days…


3 thoughts on “It Begins.

  1. I hope you guys have a safe trip, and a great time with the camping and the concerts and everything, because everything about this trip sounds completely and utterly awesome!


  2. What Chris said. And are you taking two cars, because it sounds like you might need to. Plus with all that gear that you have now, you can camp with us!


  3. I can’t wait for the stories! It sounds like you’re more prepared than the ENTIRE first Woodstock staff! Remember: Don’t take the brown acid. But grass and fungus could be plentiful and fun 😉 Just kidding….. Kinda 😉


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