Back in it.

We had a great time at the Great Wolf Lodge last week. I worried that Wonderboy might be a little bored with us this trip. He did a lot more swimming and questing on his own that last year, coming off of a week of feeling crappy, I wasn’t up to hours and hours and hours of play. But I think he had a good time nonetheless. I love that place. I really do. I highly suggest you save your money, and take a trip with your favorite kid.

Work is a little saucy. I got a phonecall on Friday, as we were packing up, saying that I had a client waiting on me. I’m angry. I’m frustrated. I’ve had an hour long phone call with one of the three owners and plans to talk to the other two next week. It’s been 9 months and this kind of disconnect and unprofessional work has got to stop. I don’t want to move again. I really don’t. I wish that there was a way for me to just have a little space at my house to do the clients I want to keep. Gah. Life is just soooo….hard. I’m sick to death of everything being so hard.

In other news…I begin classes in 5 weeks.



I’ve given away my next bartending shift. I may regret it money-wise but I’ve got to have some time to get my head in the game. I haven’t fixed the back room like I want. I have no desk. I don’t have all of my books yet. My reading’s aren’t finished like I wanted. . . It’s time to spend some time…on me. Getting my head in the game. I’m excited for this next phase.

I want to go this week/tomorrow/sometime soon to finish up the last bits at school. Parking sticker, books, find out about my workstudy and get the details on that so that I can finalize my work schedule at the salon. I’ll feel better with those loose ends tied up.

Meanwhile, it’s my weekend. Finally. I slept late, made a great breakfast and delicious coffee. I’ve got the tequila limeade chicken marinating to grill tonight. I think I will head out into the scorching heat and pick up a few veggies as well. And then…I’m not leaving this nice cool house until I got see the Harry Potter finale tomorrow morning. That’s a promise.

Hope your weekend is full of good stuff.

3 thoughts on “Back in it.

  1. Don’t forget: you’ll $ave hundred$ by completely avoiding the school’s book store. all the way, baby! 🙂


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