So Much…

We lost a great friend last night. Rudy Inselmen went on to his next great race…

It seems unfathomable that the world continues to spin, people continue to go to work, go grocery shopping, read Star magazine, watch the Today show, after such a loss.

He was diagnosed in October.

It’s not fair.

I am heart broken for his wife of a little over a year. They were, indeed, a perfect match. It seems so unfair to finally find that happiness, only to have it go away. She is, however, one of the strongest girls I know. Woman. She may not yet be 30, but she’s definitely a woman.


Yet the world DOES continue to spin, we know that people get up, and shower and put on clothes and go to work and school and the grocery store. Day by day, bit by bit…life comes back.

Send a little love today, to this family. Their journey has just begun.

2 thoughts on “So Much…

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of this loss. Relativity is such a strange strange thing to me. I will be thinking of the Inselmen’s. Hugs to you, Friend.


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