So, we’ve got ourself a three day moderate risk model for the weather. The weather guys are all but guaranteeing that we’ll see tornados, and even suckier, that they will rear their ugly heads at night.

I myself, will be in the Arkansas this weekend. I want to return Sunday, but that will just depend on the weather. Lord knows, the last thing I want is to drive into that storm cell. Everyone has had a good two days of warnings, time to make a plan and prepare. It’s springtime in Oklahoma folks. But after last year, with my second family losing their everything…it’s got an added measure of fear to it.

I’m closing in on the papers. I finished another one last night, then dreamed about it, re-writing it in my dreams until I got up and actually implemented the edits. Oy. But I’m finished with all but discussion and a final for the Southern Women Writers class. That’s a good feeling. I’ve got three more papers, one of which is due Wednesday. Just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming…it’s my mantra.

Today I pack the car, bang some hair, then drive to Tulsa tonight. The Avett Brothers are in town and I’ll be singing away. I’m going to drive on into Arkansas after the concert. It’s only about 2 hours. It’ll be a late arrival, but it’s better than forking over money I dont have for a hotel and driving in tomorrow. Rehearsal for the show is from 1-4. I’m excited to meet the other women. I reached out to the woman who started Listen To Your Mother two years ago. There is an official process for new venues that opens up in the fall. I’m really going to try to push OKC onto this map.

Ok, that’s it from Brokedown Palace. If you’re around here, hunker down this weekend. Have a plan. Stay safe. It’s for real ya’ll.



3 thoughts on “Aware

  1. Isn’t is amazing how we see these dangers on a regular basis, know they are there, yet still think we are invincible?

    All will be well. Also, I hope you’ve been paying attention to Glee. NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!


  2. I’d love to see them. That is going to be really good.
    Be safe chick.
    Soon after Memorial Day I will have some SAturdays free… closing restaurant on Sats for the Summertime… may be I can go with you on weekend excursions.
    Love love love


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