Tuesday Blessed Tuesday

Tuesday is my day.

No classes to attend.

No heads to bang.

Just me. Errands, and chores, homework and naps, all or nothing. (Who am I kidding, there’s always homework)

Last week I spent three hours running errands, I was frenetic and worried and yes it was the first week of school and I was figuring it all out but a phone call from my sister put things into perspective.

“Maybe Tuesday needs to be YOUR day. Maybe you just lay on the couch and read, maybe you take that time to study for the GRE, maybe you just sleep late and buy groceries or throw in a load of laundry. But you need a day.”

This coming from a woman who has her shit together, scheduled, meals lined out for the month posted on the fridge, kids and husband cared for as well as our parental units. Dude. If SHE’s telling me to take a day, I’m taking a day.

When I got home from night class last night, after a usual 8 hour day of nonstop classes/reading/researching/juggling deadlines I climbed into bed with the thought “I can sleep in. And I won’t feel guilty about it.”

I did just that.

I crawled out of bed after 9am, made coffee, returned emails, fed the livestock, watched some television. I read half of my Brit Novel, “The Good Soldier” and posted a handfull of homework posts. I napped. I got two more books in the mail, and ordered three more. It seems that this semester my classes have all synced up. THESE are the classes I’ve been waiting for! So…I’m ordering everything my professors suggest. I did pick my paper topics for Literary Criticism and can now begin to research. I printed out two articles for 19th-C women.

So, I feel good about this “lazy” day.

Tonight, I’m going to do a load of laundry, put up the clean clothes on the guest bed, and finish work for tomorrow’s class.

And just like that…it’s Wednesday.

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