Happiness Is…

I’m happy.

And that is the general state of affairs over here, but…this is different.

This is Happy. Capitol H Happy.

There have been some very interesting developments in my life lately, some of which I’m not yet at liberty to share with you…they will have their time…some of which are just mundane, daily, I feel like I’m “winning” things…one of which is…not mundane or a daily occurance…

I’ve met someone.

And he is all of the adjectives one would use to describe everything that is right and good.

I think that we are both knee deep in wonder and amazement. That’s just the way of things, right? When the unexpected appears and takes you out at the knee and you’re flat on your back looking at the stars and thinking…”I have no idea how I got here…”

Time and it’s random non-linear-ness have been playing tricks again…because it feels as if this has been…longer than it has been.

So we laugh about that.

We laugh about a lot of things.

If you’re running around this Sunday afternoon, doing the things you do, or prepping for a storm, or still in your pj’s, or sipping coffee or roasting tomatoes or doing laundry or having a Sunday Funday cocktail…and you wonder in a brief moment how I’m doing since I’ve been kind of off the radar with school and work and life lately…

I want for you to know that I am happy.

This kind of happy.



For Happiness is anyone, and anything at all that’s loved by you…


Feel free to step away and gag now. I know. Seriously. I totally support you. I’d probably do it if I were you. So go ahead. Here wait, Watch this. This will balance out the cavity inducing ridiculousness that’s running amuck over here:

5 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

  1. Jack and I were talking just a week ago about you, about how much you deserved happiness ( and in many parts of your life between house, love, school ). Happiness is what we want for those that we love. I had actually worried since I was not seeing much of you online. Take those things that make you happy.


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