Daddeh, It’s time. It’s TIME!

Finals Today! Woot! Holla! Get Fired UP!

seriously, I just want to get the energy to take a shower, get ready and get to campus for blue books and scantrons before the scheduled time. This afternoon will be spent pouring over notes and critical essays for Lit Crit at 5:30.

I don’t remember wanting something to be over so much in my whole life.

I want another day like yesterday, with sleep. But without the voices telling me “you have stuff you should be doing”

It’s 12/12/12.

Kizz’s show debuts tonight in NYC.

It’s finals for me then I’m finished.

It’s also the 2 month anniversary of this love story that I’m actively participating in.

Two months? It seems impossible. Impossible that it’s only been 8 weeks. It felt like eleven years at two weeks…it’s so great. Every day discovering how much better it is than the previous.

So, for everyone involved Happy 12/12/12! Hope a little magic rubs off on you!

4 thoughts on “Daddeh, It’s time. It’s TIME!

  1. So glad everything is coming up Misti!!! My ship sailed; so we’re no longer in the same boat, but I love that you’re balancing and succeeding! Can’t wait to see you!!! Let’s make it happen, girl!


  2. You are an amazing juggler my friend. I stay so overwhelmed with the mom/spouse/work combo that it makes me a little crazy. I am glad that you are going to have a break soon. You have earned that.


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