I almost forgot

I’m so out of it with this crazy cold…I ran about 99.9 fever all day long…I don’t feel bad, yet I feel bad. Make sense? Ugh. I slept most all of yesterday, and while I was so sad to miss the Red Molly concert at the Depot, I was asleep by 7:45 and only woke up once or twice.

I started my day with a volunteer meeting at 10am in Newcastle listening to some horrid stories about a mother in a troop. Horrid. Lord people just can make impossibly horrible choices, can’t they? Ugh. Then I spent the day answering emails, coordinating a winter camp partnership with the YMCA, and it occurred to me that every time I blinked my eyeballs felt cool to my eyelids. That’s some fever bullshit, my friends. So I came home and ate some soup and sat for awhile before I had to leave again.  I just got home from a CST meeting in Moore. I really do love those volunteers. There are a few salty pieces of that group but they hardly ever show up anymore. I have some plans to help develop this volunteer base, but like all things, it takes time and strategy.

All of that to say, I almost forgot to post today.

That would’ve really pissed me off.

Now I’m going to drink some juice, take some meds and go lay down. Same song, different verse.

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