Mark woke up this morning stuttering like a fool and exclaiming that he’d been incepted.

This is just part of the ridiculous that happens in this house on a daily basis.

I coughed all night long (thanksobama) and finally woke up enough to take come cold medicine, then proceeded to have the craziest of dreams.

I dreamed that I was in some sort of performing gig, maybe a pageant type thing? Maybe a play or a music thing, or maybe it was Maggie’s wedding again. I don’t quite remember. What I do know is that I kept coughing. I was pegged to open the show with some songs, and decided I wanted Mark to sing our song with me for the last number. I kept coughing and proceeded to pee my dress. Just all down my damned dress. At this point, I was told to just get into my performance dress and roll with it! YAY! for two reasons YAY! This performance dress was my Jr prom dress. So that meant I was SKIN-NEEEEEE. and YAY for not having to go onstage with a pee soaked dress.

I was trying to find Mark to explain the whole thing when I woke up to him talking in his sleep and chomping his teeth.

maybe we were both incepted.

Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

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