8 More Days

The countdown to FamilyPalooza 2014 is at 7 Days 23 hours and counting.

I went over to our Cousinpalooza blog and refreshed on our adventure from last year. This  morning I drank coffee out of my mug from Bucky’s. I’ve been making mental checklists for the past two weeks:

movie projector and film: check

giant floating island: check

ice cream maker: check

coffee pot and bean grinder: check

arrangements for Winnie: check

I have 7 more days of working. Two of which require working out doors in the nasty ass heat that is finally upon us this summer.

Girl Scouts had the opportunity to staff a concession booth at the US Sr. Open golf tourney happening at Oak Tree National this week. I’m working tomorrow and have lined up volunteers to staff the booth on Friday. Tomorrow is allegedly our first day hitting 100 degrees.

Oy with the golf already.

But it’s a chance to make some money, and I chose the Tornado Shelter Campaign to receive the funds from Friday’s work and it’s all for a good cause and I’ll get to hang out with friends from my real life which is a treasure in itself so it will all be just fine.

I’m just really ready to hang out with my family. Really really ready.

Tonight we’re having band rehearsal. We’ve set the date for a gathering at our house to be our first “gig” and making it a sort of Welcome Home to Trish and Bruce as well as a Hey Friends Come Over and get boozy and listen to us play/sing. We are narrowing down names and have a pretty solid set list. I have a few songs that I get to sing with either Brad or Mark. Lisa is learning some places to join in with her fiddle. It’s all in good fun, but I really am loving it. I miss performing.

The weekend kind of knocked me off my WW adventure. I haven’t weighed in in two weeks, work interfered one Friday, they were closed last week, and I’ll be at Oak Tree this week. Gotta go Thursday and just own whatever that number is.

My garden is blossoming. The tomatoes are *this close to bursting forth into ripeness. The peppers are coming along. The container corn is…I don’t know if it’s actually going to make real corn. Right now it’s likely some Tom Hanks corn. Fun size. I’ve got plans for some Fall plantings and each morning I go out, water, nurture, drink my coffee, look at the birds eating their food and just soak it all in.

So the summer seems to be moving along at a fast pace. Before we know it the reunion will be behind us, August and recruitment events will be upon us, then we’ll be in Santa Fe and Colorado and then holy hells bells the all beloved Football Season and all things pumpkin flavor.

It’s easy to wish it all away, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “8 More Days

  1. I came home from vacation to everything over gown. I trimmed down lettuce, pulled out more mint and cleaned up the beds. We have very green tomatoes and teeny tiny green beans. There’s blooms on my cucumber plant and the okra plants are a foot taller. I’m dreaming of fresh green beans with new potatoes and froast.

    It’s nice that you have the type of family that can all come together for a palooza. I think a weekend with my whole family would turn into one of those murder mystery weekends. Have the best of times!


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