One Thousand Thanks

Welcome, my dear readers, to the Circus’ One Thousandth Post!

One Thousand Posts!

I’m sooooo proud of this event, this little place that began late one lonely night at the bottom of a bottle of wine…I can’t apologize enough for the extremely long title! *oops!*

I’m eternally grateful for you, patrons and guests at the Circus, for doing nothing but being here. Reading. Commenting. Supporting. Keeping me close. Living this life, riding this ride alongside me. No Hands!!! No Hands!!!

I am thankful for you this beautiful Thanksgiving Day 2009. I am thankful for you.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It always has been. As I became an adult gypsy, and began to cook it for myself, it became my favorite meal to cook. I still remember my mom’s delicate directions coming across the phone, step by step through the turkey, step by step through the dressing, step by step through the pie crust. And it was good. There was a table, one day in Cincinnati Ohio, that Chrome and I sat across and thought, wow. We’re grown up. There was another table, one day in Saginaw Michigan, where four girls, five pies and 7 bottles of wine gathered. Laughter. Love. Light. My heart is full this Thanksgiving, for all of those memories.

This morning, I’m up, coffee brewing. The parade is on, and OH THE DOG SHOW!!!!! GOD I love a dog show. Seriously. Gert is coming over Mom is going to as well. Home for the Holidays will be viewed. Phone calls will be made. Perhaps a Skype or two…

I am Thankful.

So on this Thanksgiving, as you gather with whomever you gather with, family…friends…one in the same…know that I am thankful for you. I’m thankful for your very existence on this planet. I want you to know, that through all the twists and turns, fun house mirrors and funnel cakes…I’m happy you are here at the Circus. From the daily drivel to the juicy bits…I’m happy you are here with me.

I am thankful for you.

gobble gobble.