Soul Food

Friday was just a bitch.

I attended the funeral for the Girl Scout that lost her life in the Moore tornados, and while it was pretty amazing and full of all kinds of awesome, it was 2 hours of saying goodbye and it was…a bitch. I was glad for it to be over and to get to Norman.

The weather turned off ugly.

More storms, more tornados, more devastation. My hometown. It stopped short of Bonusmom’s Frontier. Friends outrunning it on the interstate got snarled up in traffic and the stupid storms turned and went after them. We even got into our fraidy hole, which was set up like a scene from War Games. (benefits of dating an IT genius) but still it was scary enough to send us to cover.

I’m so tired of feeling tense and on edge. I’m so tired of mourning and crying over loss.

Yesterday brought clear skys, we got some work done, drove out to check on the Frontier and make sure there weren’t any hail leaks or damage. Lucky lucky lucky that the weather shifted when it did. Because just a mere quarter of a mile west…well. It was awful. The place where my dad, and Bonusmom both retired from…gone. The stockyards where I worked at age 19/20…gone. Ugh. Just awful.

Knowing that today was going to be full of work, I did some quick shopping came home and cooked dinner and was asleep before 10.

We woke up…to the most glorious outside ever in the history of ever. A cool morning, not humid, no clouds. It was going to be a perfect day.

I did my first community event at the library. I got the names of a few that were interested in Scouting, I had some introductions and some visits for potential volunteers. Small victories. Baby steps. I call it a success.

Tonight, though… this was the crown jewel.

It was the opening show of Summer Breeze. Mark is the chair of this committee and he just works his butt off producing these shows. Tonight we had The Gourds. We saw them last year at Harvest. They didn’t disappoint tonight. Lynn came down, got to see the house, and we went to the park and soaked up some fresh air and some awesome music. The park was FULL. Everyone needed this day. Everyone needed this night. We were due some relief of weather and some fun and some soul healing music. There isn’t much that sitting under a summer nighttime sky with friends and snacks and music, there isn’t much that can’t make better.


good life.