Trailer Travel

Sometime last week Mark walked in and asked what I was doing this weekend. I said really just Maggie’s bachelorette party on Saturday night and that was it.

“Let’s take the trailer and go to the Talimena Drive. Wouldn’t it be awesome to wake up in a Fall Forrest?”

So on Friday night about five thirty we pulled out of the driveway and headed East. We had an idea of some camping places but nothing definite and knowing it would be dark when we loaded in we just figured if nothing else we would find a parking lot or someplace to sleep.

It was dark. And thanks to our navigation on the phone we drive directly to Cedar Lake Recreational Area, found an empty slot and boom. Done.

It got pretty cold last night, I wore my flannel hat like used to when I lived in Cincinnati and slept on the floor on a mattress I found. He decided not to change into soft pants. Snuggled up and slept so good.

This morning we woke up, he made camp coffee, we added a few more items to our camp list. I’m going to put together a few tubs of things that we need, that we can just grab and go camp. Extra mantles for the lantern, propane, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, playing cards, that kind of stuff. We ate some stale quick mart pastry that I bought last night and then headed off on a hike around the lake. It was about three miles and just gorgeous.

We visited with another teardrop trailer owner and looked at theirs before we headed out to the skyline drive.

So much color and beauty it was just gorgeous! It made me wish I had a real camera and knew how to take pictures.

Heading home we stopped on Krebs for our first foray into the famous Pete’s Italian Restaurant…stupid good.

We’ve passed gobs and gobs of people. In cars, on bikes, on motorcycles, everyone heading to Talimena. When we left Pete’s there were gobs of people waiting for a table.

“I think we’re doing this weekend right.” He says.

I can’t argue.