Dr. Visits and Valentines

Today my sis goes to the high risk pregger doctor in Joplin. Send love and light that all will be well, she will be out of risk and whatever news we get, we will handle with grace.

Valentines is taking a backseat to this, for me anyway. I work until 8 tonight,it’s freezing cold snowing nasty stuff outside. Not nearly the amounts that most of the country’s seeing, but still, the windchill is something like 4 below. Single digits shouldn’t be allowed in weather. Ever. We’re still ‘oncall’ at work. The Big Guy from Vidal Sassoon didn’t show yesterday. Flight problems. I think he just looked at the weather and said “bite this if I’m leaveing 70 degrees for that crap” anyway, allegedly he’s here this afternoon. Over It. Officially.

Last night, I watched the last half of Shakespeare in Love.

I remember watching that first, by myself and then again with a group of friends in Saginaw. Funny how it brings it all back. Night before last, I caught Blast from the Past. Yet another Saginaw showing….is it the weather? Is there a full moon? Possibly, certainly, I’m just missing my friends. So to you, scattered all over, Happy Valentines Day. Have a big ass bite of chocolate and know that you are loved and missed!

You will never age for me, nor fade, nor die

3 thoughts on “Dr. Visits and Valentines

  1. I think what you mean is, “You idiots are just NEVER going to GROW UP are you?” :)Next on your viewing should be Elizabeth. It won’t be the same without the lady who plays the sinking organ (dirty!) at the schmancy remodeled theatre but it’ll still be good. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Sister, I’m thinking good thoughts for you and yours.


  2. What did you think of Notes? I saw it a couple of months ago and was really impressed.What was so shitty about your day yesterday?Have a better day today, please.


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