Back in it

After a week or two off, dealing with life and death and such I think it’s time to post some fun. Lot’s of posts running around in my head, several on the burner awaiting publication. Until then, let’s talk Oscar.

Helen! Bravo!!!

Marty! WAY TO GO…it’s about time!

The Darling of them all….Huzzaah!

Overall, the show itself was long and full of Yawns. Celene Di-yawn. The shadow dancers….while cool, they could have easily cut down the time. The dresses were ok. Haven’t seen all of them, loved Penelope Cruz. Froth. Haven’t seen Dreamgirls, but was happy for Jennifer Hudson, and sad for Eddie, at the same time rejoycing for Alan Arkin. so cool. I own the Departed, but have yet to view it. Looking forward to that.

Life goes on. Oscar or not, hope your week is dazzling and fabulous.

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