My What?

This is a comment that Kizz posted yesterday:

MySpace makes me feel old. There’s so much going on on every single page and everything is animated and everyone is using txt spk and I get really confused and can’t find any of the information I want.

Everything you say, I agree with.

It WEARS ME OUT. I don’t have the time to spend doing that every day! If I was at a desk for 8 hours a day, I probably would tinker a bit, truthfully. I mean, I have a page, only to be able to view the stuff for our bar. It has a page, only because a guy that comes in there takes care of updating it. It’s soooooo just not me. I have no idea how to set stuff up, post anything, change music…old. old. old.

I know. All of you out there are doing the scrunchy face and saying “but wait, you can get in touch with SOOOOOO many people” “it’s a great way to stay in touch” and other endless reasons why I’m not on it. They said that about classmates dot com too, and I’m still getting spam trying to talk me into becoming a gold member.

heh heh heh. gold member.

While I concede that there are a hand full of people I’ve fallen out of touch with, and would like to hear from again, the number of people on the opposite side of that are greater and frankly, I’m not taking any chances. Ha.

I have nothing to conclude here, other than Kizz pretty much hit it on the head. It kind of makes me feel old. Totally out of the loop, bumfuzzled and confused. And anything that makes me feel like that on a consistent basis, I’m not a big fan of.

It’s Friday everybody. Enjoy it. My weekend starts Sunday, so I’m at it for two more days. Huzzah to you.

2 thoughts on “My What?

  1. Myspace is what I do so that I don’t feel old. Also, the reason I date 23-year old boys. Maybe I just need to realize that I am in my mid-thirties and go adopt myself a couple of soccer-playing kids. ….Nah.


  2. Oh good god no. . . no need for that at all! I have many friends who do it and love it, so I know it’s there for the taking…kind of like those 23 year old boys! heh heh. Hey, whatever feels good, right?


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