Another Kizz Bites The Dust

My phone rings at the crack of early this morning and I see from caller i.d. it’s Kizz, I immediately think “oh no…” and when I answer there is a noise that I cant define. It’s either wailing or laughing…wait…no…it’s crying…fuck. Something happened to Em…..huh…..yes I can talk to you for a bit….what? You fell down? Oh thank GOD!

Now. This sucks because she really broke her belbow. Not all sticky outy Joe Theisman kind of break, but still. At the time however, we were dealing with “FUCKING OUCH” and hands scraped and knee looking not so good and just more crap than one needs on a Tuesday morning.

I apologized profusely because…my immediate thought was “oh GOD, her dog.”

NOT, “OH GOD her dad. Oh GOD her mom. Oh GOD her million connections in NH…nope. I went straight for the dog” We laughed a bit about that, and when we hung up she said she was going to get looked at.

Her voicemail said cuts, scrapes, and broken elbow which needs to be in a sling and an ortho person should look at it…all a little vague but for me the ER lost all credentials when George Clooney quit working there.

SO…Go. Send well wishes. Send speedy recovery magic. Send whatever you can cuz Kizz fell down and go boom.

Sorry sistah for your pain. Would that I lived next door and we could make it a great excuse to sit on the couch, watch the entire collection of the Creek, and just play catch up…as it is I’m wishing you the speediest of recoveries.

Love love love you BIG!

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