Go Team!

At my salon, we started implementing team-building at the end of January. We also moved stations. Our actual cubby/stations move so we change chair/mirrors. This caused such havoc the first time around that one stylist was removed from his Team Leader duty and eventually three people quit/walked out/were fired.

Embracing change people. No one likes it, but at least we know when we have to fake it, yes? Yes.

So, new month, new spot, new teams, new team leaders. I’m one of the leaders. My team consists of three other stylists, and one of the new kids fresh from our school who’s starting next week.

We have a team goal/team focus and we each have individual goals to work on this month. Well, they’re all the same. Prebooking our clients. I don’t have a big problem doing this. It’s fairly easy enough. I remember being surprised at how easy it is because I myself am SOOOOOO not a pre-booker. for ANYTHING. If I prebook an appointment, I’ll wake up that day, having totally forgotten it, not wanting to do it, or having planned to do something else. We try to combat that with a day before confirmation call, which works well. So…

Teams. I think I’m going to do a contest with my team each week. Whoever does the most prebooks gets a prize. Starbucks or movie passes or something. I have also researched quotes (you know I love the words!) and will cut them up and put one in our mailbox daily/every other. . . still working that out. Yesterday I put one in with one of those little individual water flavoring things like crystal light…everyone liked it. We’re all trying to do well eating wise, so I don’t want to do lots of candy, but may get some Easter candy and do that…

I’ve said all this to say this:
I need ideas. Team building ideas. It’s been a long time since the “road manager” days…ideas for prizes (cheap ones if I have to pay for it) ideas for motivation and ideas for contests. I think I’m also going to randomly reward people for doing above and beyond things like complimenting another team members client, or sweeping for someone else. . . we’ve got a lot of self centered workers here people.

Yesterday went ok. I have one girl who WANTS desperately to do better. One girl who kind of wants to do better, but not enough to do anything because she’s already good at everything, and another girl who frankly, just WEARS. ME. OUT. That is my goal for this month. Patience and understanding in communication with this girl.

Dear God,
Make me a bird, so I can fly, fly far far away.

Huzzah and Happy Thursday and I love George Clooney.

2 thoughts on “Go Team!

  1. Get some little green army men and litter your areas with them! make it a Camo theme! lots of camo gear out there to be had. I know it sounds a bit Republican but atleast its original Republican! WAR, humph, good god ya’ll… what is it good for! check out the good dollar stores. See about finding some little fun nick nacks there. I get stuff there for my people all the time. Think of basic needs and bump it up a notch… coffee, starbucks etc…. Go gorilla go! Go gorilla go! Peal your banana and umph! take a bite. I will chew on it! Congrats team leader!


  2. Most teams have a name, a mascot, and a uniform…you could all wear little HotTopix wrist bands or something and funky name. But I think your team cheer should definately be that thing that Gertrude just wrote. definately.


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