Ten Things Tuesday: Invisible Edition

Yes. I realize it’s Tuesday. I realize I should be posting a list of ten somethings. But I got nuthin. It was a long hard weekend, we got Mom and Burl moved into their new house. We did a quick run at Paseo Arts Fest and picked up some funky art. We put the new mattress pad and egg crate foam topper thingy on the bed. Did laundry. Drove to and Arkansas and back. I’m beat down. I have rehearsal tonight from 6-?? and frankly my dear, I’m just tired. Here’s a few pics to tide you over. The new rooster’s name is Cogburn. The flamingo we got a few years ago, her name is Francis. The new gardendeva stuff…the Water Deva goes along with the little kitty in the planter. I’ve had the dog Bingo and Bliss girl for awhile. It’s a nice little arraignment to look at. Wish we were all outside resting and relaxing with each other right now.

Oh. and the cats just brought in a bird. TO THE HOUSE!!! BLEAGH!!! Phil had to be the bird remover this morning.

6 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday: Invisible Edition

  1. How mothereffing happy is that cat?Dude, you get more done in a weekend than I get done in a month. Go you!xoxoxoxox


  2. NO! She’s rubbing up against that plant all blissed out like she owns the joint and she’s going to make a kitty crack den out of it. Very happy!


  3. I KNOW!! caught her crazy face. She was hopped up on the catnip I have growin in the garden…but she does look a little vampy. Meowiwanttosuckyourbloodmeow.


  4. Can’t say enough or loudly enough how much i miss you right now. The FAMILY, seriously Z-, the latest drama is a whole new relm of absolute unbelievable terror. I love you. I miss you.


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