Down to the Wire

Last night’s rehearsal almost did us in. And by us I mean the director and myself. It was hot. It was windy. We were working with the set pieces for the first time. Putting the lights up for the first time. Working with some props for the first time. and three or four of “these women”…BOARD MEMBERS I MIGHT ADD…just sat on their butts in their lawn chairs stuffing their faces with M&M’s. I’m not even kidding. I was amazed. Then I was pissed. Finally I said, “Ladies, are you on strike today?” which prompted them to get up and help pin the black material onto the set pieces….There was more snippy stuff that forced me to go to my directors house after we finished and drink a few beers.

It IS going to be a funny show. I am amazed at how this group of people, this Arts and Hummanities Council/Stage Door community theatre group has stayed alive with all the attitudes and crapppola, but it seems to and so will we.

It rained all night long here. Buckets of rain. But we’re expecting hot hot hot 90’s and dry for the rest of the week, so hopefully it’ll be ok for people to sit, not too muddy.

I’m loopy, gulping the coffee down like it is mother’s milk. I don’t remember when a vegetable has passed my lips. My body is sluggish from ingesting all the crappy food, but it will be ok. New week, new time, some exercising and back on program! I’m not even going to worry about that this week.

I hope your weeks is doing great things for you. . . or at least you are surviving it. If you haven’t seen Chrome’s Ten Things list this week, go take a cookie lookie. Get some new panties ready though because a little pee may very well come out.

Huzzuah, happy day. I love g.c.

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