Bits of Bliss and Sunshine

Had a great time Monday with Wonderboy. . . other than the fact that I tried my best to kill him! Here’s a small list of the damage:

He was jumping off the edge to me, I was catching. Pretty common pool game. Well in one jump, I scratched the wahoo out of his leg. Seriously folks, I felt his skin under my nail. Yuk.

He was trying to dunk me, and as a Wonderboy is want to do, got a little rough. He had a handfull of my hair and was basically choking me out trying to get me under. Now, it wasn’t that hard. I was going under easliy to let him “win”. HE however, was kicking my butt, so I reached around to get his hands off my neck and to try to get some air, aaaaaaaaaand poked him in the eye and scratched his face. Damnit!

Then it was time for a wee break and some snot medicine for his snot. I gave him a capfull of the red stuff and tried to give him another and he said “woah no no no.” I think, hell, he doesn’t feel bad, the snot is ok, not green, and he’s on vacation. No second capfull.” and off we go back into the water. Come to find out, I gave him FIVE times the amount he takes. HOLY SHIT!!! No worse for the wear on that one though.

Then, after the day is done, I see his little face and shoulders turning red. Apparently the sunscreen that I so religiously put on, streaked out in the water. FRIED my kiddo. No blisters, and while he was warm, not hurting. Sis and I were burnt worse than that in our lifetime, but it sucks when it happens on your watch. Ugh.

We had a great time. He’s back home in the Arkansas celebrating Mamo’s 60th birthday today. Happy birthday Mom! Hope it’s a great one!

And to you, I’m loving the life here on Dublin Road. Still waiting for the Garcias’ to come mow and work magic in the yard, but other than that, no worries. All is well. Looking forward to the Harry Potter this weekend. SLURP. Kizz has her reunion this weekend as well, and I believe Clemo is another year wiser. Lots of good stuff happening.

Huzzuah and Happy Wednesday! Everyday above ground is a good one, eh?

2 thoughts on “Bits of Bliss and Sunshine

  1. Dude, you babysit like Bad Santa! FIVE TIMES the dosage. Heh. You can scratch “buy him his first alcoholic beverage” off your list. :)You guys look awesome in those pictures, just radiating good times.


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