Ten Things Tuesday: things that happened…

A few things that happened in my life this last week.

While living the single life, got my house cleaned and KEPT it that way the whole week. Novel idea.

Totally reverted back to the freakish eating habits that I keep tucked away in the darkest corner of my life and ate a peanut butter, Swiss cheese and french onion dip sandwich with some tortilla chip dust.

Ate it more than one time.

Watched The Holiday. More than one time and totally fell off my rocker for Jude Law. Have NEVER loved him. Or really even thought of him. but holy cannole. Proof that the perfect man is living across the pond, waiting for me with a cable knit sweater and delicious dialect.

Went to bed at 8pm. More than once.

Broke my pinkie toe. (see previous post.)

Tried to read The Post-Birthday World. I think I’m giving up. It’s just too convoluted. oy.

Started reading Harry Potter. DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING I’M NOT DONE YET!!!

Ate a ridiculous amount of sushi for a late night supper with the Super Couple. so good.

Sucessfully got the lawn guys out and got the yard in order. I even watered. The night before it rained. duh.

I’m sure there was more to it than that, but that’s all I can do. Time to bang some hair.

Huzzuah and Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday: things that happened…

  1. OK, wow, I’m disturbed by this but sort of have to admit it. I’m kind of jonesing for one of those sandwiches right now. Sounds yummy and I’m hungry!


  2. Sounds like a good week. I have to admit I have been enjoying the solitude way too much. Like a whore with a brand new shiny vibrator and a 12 pack of lube! I enjoy solitude in relationships. Get to reading Sister… I have no one to dish with. I don’t work with humans and they don’t read books. I need someone to share the Harry with.


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