Running On Empty

Good God I’m tired. the extra hours are paying off, I’m hitting a great commission on this paycheck, that is if today holds out and I don’t have any cancellations or no-shows. But damn. 96 hours this payperiod is making me very tired. Thankfully a vacation is on the horizon…not that it wil be a relaxing one. NYC never serves me that way. But it will refill me and that is what I need. Fill me to the brim.

I got a ginormous package if info and maps from Rog. The Ultimate Tour Guide. Thanks for those. I must visit Canal Street and look for purchases for a few people. Purses. Purses. Purses. And while I loathe that place, I’m still carrying my purse from last year that I bought down there and too, need a new one. Am thinking that Monday after class would be a better time, since we’re down there anyway. I’m trying to sort through all the stuff in regards to the trip, the supplies, the packing. I need a suitcase, which I’ll get from someone here. My luggage took it’s last trip to LA in January. It was done done done. It was a high school graduation pressie from Mom and man oh man did it see some of the world.

I must be tired if I’m blithering on about my luggage or lackthereof.

Kizz is over at 117Hudson about to lose her marbles in regards to money and how she’s spent hers this month. I’m about to begin the same experiment or something along those lines. I need to get the program worked out and onto my computer. I think I’ll begin it after the trip when I really start the cash flowing. Go over and give her a little whoop whoop. She’s trying to type and breathe through a paper bag all at the same time. Oy.

I still can’t figure out how to link sites within my text. there are no buttons on this screen to do so. no green movie camera thingy. Is it because I’m on a Mac? Kizz? gah.

time to make the doughnuts.

Huzzuah and Happy Friday. I’m sad about Owen Wilson. Well wishes to him and I LOVE my boyfriend George Clooney. Dirty thoughs to him.

2 thoughts on “Running On Empty

  1. I will bring mine to you Saturday. I am sad about Owen as well. Money…. I can’t even think about it. New York… so jealous. Eat some sushi for me. xoxoxo


  2. I think it’s probably about the browser. Are you using Safari? You should be using Firefox and you should use the most recent version and the movie camera button should appear.Can’t wait to have you here. Money be damned!


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