Weekend Update

We’re coming in to the end of Labor Day Weekend ’07. How was yours? Good? Busy? Rest full? Did you get some time off of work? I hope so. It was just the same ole two days off for me, but I packed in quite a weekend.

went up to the bar on Saturday night. Football season has arrived!!! Huzzuah. I went up to watch the games after work. It was the first time I’d gone up there since we broke up. I told him earlier in the week that a few of us were coming for the games. I was so excited. It was so fun. A nice party at the end of the week. Lots of beer, some club specials. Cold. Delicious. The OU game was just a bloodbath. The OSU game was on the bigscreen, so that was what I wound up watching. they lost. But the night was grand. He came in after the games, and it was fine. I got to chat with his daughter and that was really nice…I had not spoken to her yet, so that was really great.

Sunday brought the first rehearsal of Steel Magnolias, which will go up one evening, November 3rd,at my college for Homecoming weekend. It was fun and good and weird to be there without Roger and Chrome. But the show will be fine. It’s a stylized readers theater of sorts. That evening the Purple Pool gals had a cookout/last hurrah to summer. we grilled a pork tenderloin, asparagus, corn on the cob, crusty bread, caeser salad, wine. and pumpkin pie with cool whip. SO FREAKING GOOD!!! Home to bed and I slept so good for once.

Today was just errands, car washing/cleaning, laundry, etc. I put our misting system together and will hang it tomorrow so that’s cool. Am watching my boyfriend Tony Bourdain. gearing up for the trip. This time next week I’ll be in the NYC with the gals and LOVING every minute of it. So excited. Borrowed a suitcase from Che today, did the laundry…I’m pretty much ready to just pack it and get the hell out of here.

Oh yeah, saw Superbad on Friday night. Have any of you seen this? Chrome…one of the boys reminded me so much of Carus that I couldn’t concentrate!! hysterical. Gross. Totally gross and geared for boys in their 20/30’s. but I laughed more than once.

that’s it from here. good night. Happy day.

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