Sambo part 2

Just got back from the nicest Vet. Dr. Posey. Young, tender, nice. Sambo had some fever, so he got a shot of Tylen@l for that. There was some funky mass (I wasn’t being a hyperchondriac…it was there!) so we got an x-ray as well. Nothing wrong but some sort of mass, which could have come from anything. Struggling under a fence, fights, etc. So we also got some antibiotics to take twice daily…Just in time for me to leave and now BonusMom has to deliver them. Akkk.

I fell better. He’s going to feel better soon, too.

Gotta gather my stuff, head into the City. WW weigh in today as well as some appointments.

Ciao to you

One thought on “Sambo part 2

  1. Good that you got it all done now and can get him started on the pilling. It’d be worse if you decided he was badly off enough to get help on Fri and couldn’t help him until you got home.xoxoxoxox!


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