Light a candle, say a prayer

BonusMom’s dad is not doing well. At all. He’s been in a care-giving place for awhile now, up in Nebraska where they are all from, but has been transferred this week because of difficulty swallowing. They think it was a series of mini strokes. Whatever, it doesn’t look good. BonusMom is heading up there tomorrow. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

My friend Britt is about to lose her grandmother. Add her to your list.

On a lesser level, I weigh in today. I’ve been ingesting fiber the last few days to try to counteract all the hot dogs and chips I ate over the weekend. Have also begun walking the frontier road. (ok, i did a little walk yesterday and PLAN to do it again every morning) in hopes to get some stuff moving on the body. So far, I’m full of fiber. . . gassy and a little sore. Let’s keep up the pep squad section because I’m falling farther and farther away from that 10%goal. I can feel it. Probably self sabotaging but I’ll correct it soon.

Did Ex-Kid’s hair last night. Went over the their apartment and did some color and cutting and catching up. It was nice. Really nice. They made me dinner, we had tacos. I made the guacamole. Good times. Feels good that I still have them in my life.

Have rehearsal tonight and tomorrow. Can’t believe we go up next weekend. Feeling a little anxious about that…people in the audience that know me from way back…I’ve tried to figure out why I feel like that. Maybe if I was thinner. But i am thinner…who knows. the psychosis runs deep.

Pretty sure I’m still in love with George Clooney. This pic is too good not to use again.I made it my screen saver. Slurp. Nice way to start my day. . . gazing into those eyes. Am going to try to get in a viewing of his movie this weekend…Gert’s got a birthday coming up so we may play with her instead…either way a good time to be sure.

Huzzuah and happy hump(inggeorgeclooney)day.

One thought on “Light a candle, say a prayer

  1. Why is this year so hard on everybody? Gah!The walking is good, very good. I’ve been slacking too and hope I can take a page from your book.That pic of Clooney is meltingly gorgeous. It reminds me of his silent return cameo on ER when Carol runs away to Seattle to find him and he just hugs her.Now, go take some Metamucil and go for your walk! 🙂


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