These are the Days of our Lives

Another great weekend folks. Just jam packed with friends and fun.

Last week was a crazy one for me. I had something every single night, hair on Tuesday, rehearsal wed and Thursday. Friday I met the Purple Pool gals at Deep Deuce Grill. We sat on the patio by the fire pit and had drinks and food and laughter in droves. Just awesome to hang out and to enjoy life. Work was busy on Saturday. (It’s been so slow…I wasn’t even booked 50% of the last pay period. Ugh.} It was Gert’s birthday weekend and we were tossing about some plans for Saturday night.

Everything we thought about kind of fell through…but we settled on dinner and drinks at Bin 73 then headed over to some friends house to finish watching the OU game and hang for a bit. We then decided to go find her brother in El Reno and play around. . . it was during a conversation about cold beer and music that we got the idea to road trip…

Now I understand what your concept of a road trip may be.

Forget it.

Small town America defines road trip as such:

Pile into a truck (really does need to be a pickup of some kind) Hit the drive thru snap-e-sack for beer. Pool all the cd’s you’ve ever had in your entire life into the cab of said truck. Drive with music turned up and windows down thru the back roads of every little town adjoining yours. Discover some country roads that have never been discovered before. Change cd’s about every two songs. Sing at the top of your lungs. Stop to pee outside. Bend over and loose your phone. Drive back into town to the snap-e-sack for another thing of beer and a water. Laugh till you cry, sing till you laugh. Get stuck on singing Wave on Wave by Pat Green at least a gozillion times all the while proclaiming your love for the song and how AMAZING the songwriter is. So talented. Realize at around 2am that no one is really singing anymore, you’re really freaking tired and it’s time to call it a night.

It was THE BEST TIME. So fun. Seriously we used to do that at least once a weekend and it’s been damned near 20 years since I’ve done it. Gert had a good time…she’s not big on birthdays which always lends itself to a clusterfuck because everyone around her wants her to love the birthday and celebrate and Huzzuah it up. So this was her idea, her time, and I was just lucky enough to get to spend it with her.

I’ve been in this relationship with her for 21 years.

It’s been, and continues to be the most successful relationship I’ve ever been in. There is something amazing, truly amazing to have such a witness to your life, and vice versa. We have been through boys and men, graduations,

moving out for the first time, credit card debt, birthdays,

weddings funerals, births, re-births, divorces, more beginnings and endings than can be found in a bookshop. It’s it is really, one of my proudest accomplishments, this friendship.

Gert, here’s to you. Here’s to another year of living and learning and laughing. I love you. Happy birthday.

2 thoughts on “These are the Days of our Lives

  1. Oh my goodness ladies, you could not be any more gorgeous if someone had hit you with the hot chick stick. I love those photos!Happy Birthday sister!


  2. The real beuty comes from having someone who knows you. Really knows you and has helped you, taught you, sometimes painfully and more often than not joyfully, someone who has seized the bad times and the good with a Hala Ka Lem and an upward and onward! It is looking at another person after 21 years and still being may be amazed and rocked completely out of your shell by the love that you feel in your heart simply because they exist. I love you too Sister. Until the wheels come off.


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