A Tail of Two Kitties

It was certainly a day. I tell you guys, I’m exhausted. I feel like I got MY tail amputated…worn out. I picked him up, and $110 later, with meds and instructions for follow up visits and stitches removal and don’t let him eat a lot, don’t let him outside, don’t let him chew on his tail (are they KIDDING ME??) we’re home for the evening. The vet had no idea as to what it was that took the tail. I looked all around for the bits should they be lying about, but nada. Nothing. Zilch.
It was just–come in the house for breakfast (he hadn’t been outside all that long because he slept at the foot of my bed all night) and Mom sees that the ass end of the tail has been blown to bits. That’s it. That’s all I’ve got and Sambo ain’t talkin’.

He’s been fine, he wants out so is pissed that he’s in. I’ve decided to keep at least the two black cats inside for Halloween. Maybe I’m paranoid, but when I was growing up my black cat Pepper used to come home with spray paint down his back. Gah.

If you haven’t already, go look at my post from earlier today. Read the comments. This, faithful readers, is the truest of friendships. Chrome, Kizz, Gert this is me giving you a big fat kiss.


Thanks for the words, and for the laughs. Big fat ass no tail kitty love comes from Sambo as well.

One thought on “A Tail of Two Kitties

  1. Oh this is bad but not nearly as bad as I thought. OK, well in some ways not as bad, and in others even worse. The way they shaved down the end part makes it look like just bone sticking out. He’s not bothered, though, and you’ll take care of him.I think you’re wise to keep all the cats in on Halloween. My mom keeps the black ones in and I remember having a cat set on fire as a kid and he wasn’t even black so really better safe than sorry.


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