Oh What A Night

It was a great night at Homecoming. I love my school. I really truly do. It holds memories, and friendships, and discoveries, and joy beyond belief. Getting to go “home” and be back on the stage that I love, with my favorite people in the audience was an honor.

The performance went well. I coughed up a few hairballs for lines, but talked us back to the script. I got the giggles in the second act and just laughed through scene 1. I was crying almost as hard as Julie during the final scene…remembering my cast from ten years ago, remembering Patsy, our Ouiser who is no longer with us but was watching last night, I’m sure, thinking about all the changes in my life over the last ten years, where I’ve gone, where I am…all of that came gurgling out of me…


Good grief. I’m such a dork. Felix leaned over and said “hold it together, wine is in your future.” So I put the kibosh on the meltdown and greeted the alums, and my friends who spent their Saturday night with me, and headed to the Par-Taaay.

Ma and Rog looked fabulous. It was so good to see them. Julie and her daughter who’s all grown up has us laughing. She’s probably still in the bed after surviving Homecoming. Marcia and her shaved head that has grown out so much…she is gorgeous.

Everyone asked about Chrome…so excited for you and your life and so proud. DO NOT roll your eyes and think “but I haven’t done anything”–I know you. Everyone sends their love. Misty Ashford was there for awhile too and says Hi. You were missed, and are deeply loved.

Kizz, Ma and Rog both asked of you and how you were. Rog keeps up with your blog sometimes. We were thinking about you sitting in YF last night…how was it?

Here are a few pictures for your pleasure. I’m tired. The wine was good, the laughs were even better. My face hurts today from all of the bliss.

Happy Sunday, GO COLTS!!!

3 thoughts on “Oh What A Night

  1. Its always been a source of power for you. So glad you are connecting with it. Your doing so well. Really just mving and grooving and hala ka lem. Even in my misery… I do manage to have so many moments where I sit back and think of you and smile and say to myself…”That is my woman.” So proud of you.


  2. yes, it feeds my soul. Being down there with my people feeds me, too. thanks for the props. while it appears that things are all good and halakaleem, they are rocky at times too…just trying to keep focusing on the goal. I want for you to be happy. To have things come into focus. I pray for that for you, my woman! Your misery, I know, will be short lived.


  3. Sorry about the Colts thing, my Patriots just couldn’t help themselves. Must be putting something in the water in MA these days.Sounds like just a glorious weekend, I’m so happy it was all you wanted and more and you were able to let it just flow right through you.


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