Writers Strike.
Now, I know it wasn’t 20 years ago, but wasn’t there another strike, or near strike by the writers guild which was in fact, the impetus for the Reality T.V. craze that we have now? Seems like I remember it that way…


To my understanding the writers are wanting changes regarding the downloads available for internet/phones, for dvd rentals/sales etc. Apparently talks were fruitless last night, so they are still marching.

All the late night shows are in re-runs, the daily episodes/soaps will be hurting soon. The evening eps that we love should be safe for awhile, but who knows how long the strike will last?

I saw on the news last night, the people delivering lunches to the writers on those shows, equipment rental businesses, all feeling the ramifications and the economy could lose up to one billion should the strike continue for any length of time.

That my friends is power. Here’s to a resolution. Fast.

Not even remotly related, but Today is going to the ends of the earth this week and holy crappidoodle-katie-bar-the-door my boyfriend Matt Lauer has FACIAL HAIR. He’s in the Arctic Circle. Hubba Hubba Hubba. That is not a bad way to wake up!!

Huzzuah and Happy Tuesday. I’m going to sit here and enjoy a fuzzy Matt and a cuppa joe with George!

4 thoughts on “Striiiiiiiiiiiike!!

  1. Depending on the length of the strike, this may be a good opportunity for you all to watch Damages start to finish. The season is already completed, so when they start to rerun it soon, you won’t be stuck anywhere!


  2. I suspect stuff like Damages, Nip/Tuck and any cable shows who film a lot of their season before the first one airs (short seasons) may be the way to go. The night shows are good through the Christmas hiatus from what I hear. Z, you’re not wrong about the last strike being the impetus for the exponential growth of the reality show craze. I wonder if NBC would like to rerun some of Studio 60, particularly the eps that address that. The writers deserve what they’re asking for but I fear that since the full impact of the strike won’t be felt until after Christmas that they won’t be heard quickly enough and will hurt themselves (and their colleagues in connected professions) in the long term as networks insert reality programming to fill gaps and choose to cancel shows on the bubble when work resumes.What I’m unclear on is where the writers of reality shows fit in. I know the ANTP writers struck and won their battle for better compensation a few months ago but I don’t know if they’re now in the union that’s striking or not.


  3. The more reality shows they make, the fewer jobs for actors available.Like it’s not hard enough already without having to edge out Crazy Mary from Idaho in a Cockroach Eating Race.


  4. I loathe LOATHE reality tv for that very reason. It’s taking jobs away. cockroach eating funkypants people can stay home. Hopefully this will end fast…i do like the thought of getting some Damages though. Have they picked that up for the next season?


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