Got EVERYTHING on the short list finished today. That feels really good. Home to find BonusMom and a beer. The grandparents were in really really bad shape. My PaPa is just barely hanging on. makes me a little , well, a lot sick. The people at the home have shaved his mustache because of the food and drool. Breaks my heart.

Did hair tonight, and it was just fine. Got caught up on her life. She and Josh are going to be engaged probably before the end of summer, that’s when they close on their land where they are going to build their brand new house. Gulp. She’s applied for an internship at the Daily Oklahoman for this summer. Waiting on news there. Finishing softball, graduating, getting engaged, planning a wedding, building a house. Calgon anyone???? Her year is gonna be wack!

I bought oatmeal and some cold cereal for breakfasts. more snacks and fruits. went and did 30 minutes of cardio. Tomorrow will do the initiation thing where I learn the machines. then yoga/pilates at 7pm. MeShell is going to guest pass and go with. Huzzuah!

Hung out with Dre this afternoon. Her surgery went just fine and dandy. We watched many eps of SATC winding up with the first ep of season four. My fav. I cannot wit for that movie to come out. I forgot how much I miss those girls.

Let me just post a clip from an email I got from Skillet :

Your Blog is AWESOME! So funny! I must not have told you that I met your boy George. He was in town filming Ocean’s 13 and some of the cast came to the show and took a back stage tour after. He’s great, shook my hand and we talked for a second about Maysville where he grew up. See we’re both KY boys….not the lubricant (I’m sure he would use something fancier and probably French) but the state. My girlfriend’s friend owns the modeling agency that he selected his newest woman from (she’s not French, but was a waitress I think)…small world. I don’t have a picture with him, but have a couple of others I could forward to you.

tell me how much that does NOT suck?!?!!?!?

4 thoughts on “Finito

  1. So nice to hear a good review of a STAR! Good on you for getting everything done. Sorry about Papa. What an unpleasant visual. I will pray for some peace for him. AL-E girl all grown up! Wow!


  2. Yes. Have been to see him this summer, but am going again. Possibly this weekend or next. ugh. Sucks. he doesn’t know anyone is around at this point either. just awful. Skillit, Chrome, I’ll email it today. he is perhaps one of the funniest human beings I’ve ever known. just good good stuff from this crazypants.


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