Well. I did a perm tonight that took an hour and almost forty mintues to roll. Think Crystal Gayle, people. She came in yesterday and I cut at least, at LEAST 7 inches off that shit. Tired. And I only lost point four today at weigh in. That combined with the perm and the late hour that i left the salon and the fact that I was hungry led me home, and not to the gym. I kind of suck. Sigh. Tomorrow night is dinner with purple pool gals. Saturday is Scotty Ringos birthday celebration at Bin 73 then to Classics. Huzzah! So. I’ll work out sunday and monday and every single day till I’m a size g.d.five. eh? While I’m being whiney, I think that the crush I have doesn’t crush me back. I did have a text or two with him today and that was good but pretty sure I’m swimming without arms in this pool. Flop.

On a funnier note, one of my FAVORITE clients(who is in her mid 60’s!) did a “reading of my charts” for me and emailed it. thought I’d post it. Interesting.

Just a quick mini-reading about your chart….of course you are a scorpio but your moon is in aries, not

taurus like you thought, which would have made a full moon….you were born about 30 minutes after
the moon was full in taurus… have a capricorn ascendent…..that is a person with a strong sense
of responsibility towards their own independence, financially…..also, this ascendent is very often found
in the chart of comedians…..very funny persona but actually a real serious mind………
you are similar to being a capricorn because your sun sign is exactly at the top of your chart…
aspire to ‘the top’…..and love being a leader, like the pied piper…..your have natural beauty and will
grow more beautiful as you age… are really a natural business leader with a fantastic imagination…
your mind can think up more shit than most anyone…..your interest in theater and fantasy is pronounced…
to say the least…..relationships begin and end unexpectedly (except when you have been stalking them
for ten to twenty years)… are a natural healer…really! but you want people you ‘tend to’ to get up
and walk alone eventually….like tomorrow…..EVERYTHING in your chart is strong, exciting, aggressive…
did I say EXCITING?

Huh. I know nothing about Aries. Anyone?

Halakaleem and happy friday. Enjoy the hell out of your weekend.

4 thoughts on “Bleagh.

  1. “Oh your an Aries. You like to butt things with your head.” Vivian Lee, StreetcarGreg Mowdy is an Aries.


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