A Few Things

I am so deeply sad by Heath Leadger. So sad. that little girl of his…ugh. I hate that for lack of anything better to say, the media is jumping to the sleeping pills by his bedside…bleagh. snort. hiss.

MeShell busted her little fingers last night researching housing for me. She and I took a lunch road trip and drove around looking. It was fun. This is going to be either a greatly entertaining process, or one that will put me in the nervous hospital. That’s my guess. she’s getting a massage this morning before work, so hopefully that will be a nice pay off.

Dreamed, vividly last night that Jason Bateman was my boyfriend. PhotobucketDo with that what you will. It’s probably due to the fact that I’M GIDDY that JUNO got four Academy Award nominations. So excited for that little film. Was reading the liner notes of the cd at Martha’s (she doesn’t download) and they made me tear up. so sweet and beautiful, this movie. GO SEE IT. TWICE.

Did you see the full moon last night? Gorgeous. Full. Beautiful.

I’m off to work out, send Kizz her so very late birthday pressie, get my drivers licence renewed then to work by noon. Till 8. BonusMom is outta here for the week. It’s freezing fucking cold here and I believe we’re out of propane. I have hot water because that’s electric and firewood, which I can buy more if I need to, for warmth. Frontier Life. Huzzuah. I need a man to keep me warm in my fabulous bed. Any available applicants should just show up at my door tonight. I have extra pillows and a toothbrush.

3 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. Sorry, I didn’t realize Heath got to you. I was already making jokes. But anyway I honestly think it is sad. Jason Bateman. I know. I loved that show. He is so funny.


  2. I know!!! but I think i seriously may have a crush on him. he’s dreamy. and sarcastic. heath. Yeah, it’s hurting my heart right now. I’m just heavy with the sad. But your joke was funny! I did laugh.


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