Oh Good Lord

MeMe showed up today for her 11 a.m. appointment…at 11 a.m. When Bonusmom finally found the doc, she didn’t know his name, or the phone number, and sussed out the office phone number, she called to see if they could get her in later today. Actually, says the office lady on the phone, the appointment was at 10 a.m.

And so went the day.

We went to lunch and she yammered on and on and on about stuff that could be true…or not. She tried to sign the check with the pen that wasn’t clicked. Oy. Freakin. Vey.

I left them to go drive around more houses. Nuthin today. I went to work out then to the grocery store. Got home to start laundry and she’s decided to start a uilting club at her church so she’s going thru all of Bonusmom’s extra material and seperating it. We decided on supper, (tuna helper, roasted carrots) and now have settled in to watch the Bedlam basketball game. Bonusmom is at a meeting, but I’m guessing she’s just driving around in circles to avoid coming home! ha!!

she just started a conversation out of no where, which wouldn’t be alarming but for the fact that she started it in the middle and I have no earthly idea what she’s talking about!!

I have decided to not buy the house I was so into at the end of yesterday. There is everything right about that house. Truly. I thought it was charming and fantastic…but I didn’t FEEL it. I’d like just a little bigger, too. I have to keep a clear head, because I got so hopped up yesterday I almost exploded. Gert, bless her fabulous self wrote the nicest post…these words gave me pause, and gave me hope. Slept like the dead last night and frankly dear readers, I could go right back to the bed and get comfy and not care a whit.

Hopefully your Monday was easy and uneventful. I’m off to look thru more listings online, thinking great dream house thoughts!! does anyone have any idea as to how i can find forclosures in the area? All of the sites I’ve found require $$ for membership. flop. Let me know what you know.

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