1. I voted at 8:30, saw the derm, got on the 4 train before it got swamped with evil Giants supporters 🙂 and came to work. I’m wearing blue for the dems but I have yet to show my boobage. Perhaps this evening. No, wait, I have the curtains open in the living room and I was wandering around brushing my teeth naked so someone has probably already seen the titties today.


  2. I wore the blue myself but got called home early because Noodle threw up on Super Tuesday. Chrome? Red? showing my boobs to George…goodness. Laughed all day about that. I need to get bigger boobs since Russell is so far away. They would look like flat beige pancakes with a genetically altered raspberry on top to him right now.


  3. Well, i wore black, with tons of mardi gras beads, and my state seal pin that Spence gave me last week as well as my I Voted sticker. Hillary won our state. Interesting. I say, GO ELI!! Happy for the Giants win, sorry gals! No Fat Tuesday celeb for me though. Sad about that. Home in the snow, looking for houses and watching the election results. Rowdy. That’s me.


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