Ash Wednesday

Well, Hillary won quite clearly in our state. As did McCain. I figured he would but am very surprised that she did. I think too many people believe that we’d be selling our souls to have a president with a middle name of Hussein. (be reminded that I live in a very red state. blood red.) Much less a black man who allegedly doesn’t pledge the flag. good grief.

Still too close to call nationally, though. When are the other primaries? Soon, in the coming weeks I believe.

No Fat Tuesday celebration for me yesterday. I was so bad to my body all weekend long, but it was a little sad, no craw fish for me this year. it’s my favorite thing, though. maybe next year.

I have a few new houses to look at…a lot of houses are for sale by owner so that is a whole other new genre for me to learn about. Will keep you posted about that. I did have a dream last night about cooking lasagna for a certain man friend in my new house. It had wood floors and apparently my new couch is COM-FEE!! bwa ha ha ha ha. Someday…please God. Someday.

Speaking of God, do any of you observe Lent? Starts today. I observed it once, being the lapsed Baptist that I am. Well, raised Baptist, then dated/married Assembly of God(raised hands, speaking in tongues, boogidy boogidy stuff) for five or so years so I don’t know what that makes me. So once, my first tour it was me and four Catholics. We gave up fast food. Easy, eh? Well, when you are on the road, living in a van and in hotels, fast food is what you eat. We all did really well. We deemed Subway allowable and if anyone fell off, the money spent on fast food went into a kitty to be spent on beer at the end of Lent. God was ok with the beer part, right? It was the Easter Sunday lunch at the only Sonic in Illinois that made it so perfect!!

I have several friends that observe. BonusMom who is Lutheran, observes. I’d like to. You all may very well fall off your chairs, but I miss church. And not just CHURCH, but I miss that part of my life. I feel strongly (about more than my boobs) about this, and pretty much only discuss it with Martha or Gert. At a crossroads, I am.

I cannot log onto myspace. This week, it’s a hit or miss thing. I don’t know if it’s my computer that is possessed or what. I’m on a loop of logging in with my name and password and it processes it then sends me right back to the same thing. over and over and over and over. Once in a blue moon it takes and I get on. Tried for about an hour last night, so I just stayed logged on until late. Annoying. Grrrrrr.

The good news is that George says not to worry too much about my boobs. He says more than this hand full is a waste anyway. Huzzuah and Happy Humping Day. I’m off to the gym. I felt pretty good in my skinnier jeans on Sunday but oh the road is a long one.

One thought on “Ash Wednesday

  1. You were totally hot Oliva Newton John in your jeans. Its a curse that the boobs disappear… I am melting too. I am giving up giving up. XOXOXO


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